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With the technologically advanced FUJIOH cooker hood, you don't have to worry about oily stains and the smell of last night's dinner lingering in your kitchen


ujioh is what modern cooking all about - an enjoyable experience in a clean, non-greasy experience. With the

technologically advanced FUJIOH cooker hood, you don't have to worry about oily stains and the smell of last night's dinner lingering in you kitchen. Advantage Resources distributes the hi-tech FUJIOH cooker hood that effectively eliminates such problems by pulling smoke from all directions to ensure non-greasy working surfaces and floors that require little cleaning. Specially designed in Japan with the most advanced technology to cope with the Asian cooking environment, the FUJIOH cooker hood is homely, timely and user-friendly.

Uncompromisingly in product quality, the FUJIOH Oil Tech Cooker Hood has passed various laboratory tests and won awards for its excellent features such as its energy saving Sirocco fan. The fan's suction power is three times stronger than that of regular cooker hoods, thereby keeping your kitchen ventilated quickly and quietly. Its rectifier panel stops condensed oil from dripping onto the cooker top. Unlike cooker hoods with the direct suction system - its very design a fire hazard - FUJIOH's unique rectifier panel acts as a fire prevention device.


Amazingly, the cooker hood has a life span of more than 15 years compared with that of some brands which have less than a 3-year life span.. The outstanding feature have led FUJIOH into being the first to pass the SISIR test in SIngapore. It is also the best-selling cooker hood under the Asian Cooker Hood Category in Malaysia according to research undertaken by the Statistics Department in 1996, 1997 and 1998 FUJIOH has received acclamation from satisfied customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China and United Kingdom.


Having said that, customer satisfaction is the ultimate proof of FUJIOH's success. It is also the policy of Advantage Resources to have the best service team for its products in the Malaysia market. With its priority being customer satisfaction, FUJIOH is committed to constantly evolving for the better. Coupled with its years of experience, it is even more confident of providing a better product today.

Advantage Resources is the sole distributor in Malaysia of FUJIOH products from Japan which include cooker hoods and gas hobs. It also supplies Fujiton cooker hobs which has powerful flames and Fujihome built-in ovens which has elegant looks and are of the highest quality and blend easily into any modern Malaysian kitchen.

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